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Louisville Arts And Culture

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The Arts are Alive in Louisville

Louisville’s dynamic and diverse arts & culture communities make the city come alive with creative energy, new ideas, and world-class talent. With intersecting cultures and traditions meeting and mingling, Louisville is a crossroads where the American South and Midwest meets the world.

Art Museums & Galleries

As a city built on America’s first frontier, Louisville is home to a proud tradition of artisanal crafts including glass and ceramic arts, wood and metal work, and decorative domestic crafting with an original Louisville twist. Explore the arts in Lousiville’s Art Museums & Galleries.

For the art lover, no visit to Louisville would be complete without a day spent at the Speed Art Museum, Lousiville’s premier destination for the visual arts. With a collection spanning 6,000 years and ongoing family programming that puts you in the center of art itself, the Speed Art Museum is not to be missed. (The museum is currently closed until Spring 2016 due to grand remodeling) 

Theatre & Performing Arts

Home to more than a dozen venues and performance companies, Louisville’s stages (indoor and outdoor) fill the city with the life and energy of drama and musical comedy, ballet and modern dance, and even dinner theatre! Explore how Louisville does Theatre & Performing Arts.

As home to the Kentucky Shakespeare Festival, the oldest ongoing celebration of the Bard’s work in the country, it’s no surprise Louisville is a hotbed of the performing arts.

Cultural Attractions

It’s not just classic and contemporary art that makes up Louisville’s Cultural Attractions. The city’s vibrant history and multicultural heritage is kept alive through many fine regional institutions that preserve and celebrate the richness of Louisville and its people. Many of Louisville’s cultural attractions immerse you in an experience you can get nowhere else.

Recall Louisville’s origins as a riverboat city by taking a cruise aboard the Belle of Louisville and the Spirit of Jefferson. Explore Kentucky’s natural wonders in Jefferson Memorial Forest or commune with some animal friends at the Louisville Zoo. Get to know more about Louisville’s most famous son and master of the pugilistic arts at the Muhammed Ali Center.

Music & Festivals

Louisville’s arts and culture heritage also has a place in America’s homegrown musical traditions of blues, bluegrass, and rock & roll. At venues large and small, indoors and out, Louisville hosts national touring acts and nurtures hometown talent. Explore downtown venues and upcoming Music & Festivals features in Louisville.

One of Louisville’s most anticipated events, the Kentucky Bluegrass Music Festival celebrates one of the greatest American folk traditions over three days each September.